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The unguarded heart

There are times when we make bold moves in the defence of someone we love. They have been hurt in some way and the culprit should be punished – shunned even.

You make statements or take actions that cannot be easily reversed.

Just to discover that the person in whose defence you acted has mended fences with the culprit and now you are on the outer.

You feel betrayed by the very person who you were defending. You have irreversibly damaged a relationship for their sake. You have publicly and absolutely placed yourself in opposition to someone. And now you are the ‘bad guy’.

The following poem is about just such an event…


The lesson learned? Always ask ‘what can I do?’ instead of going off half-cocked and making a fool of yourself.

Who am I?

Good relationships are built on compromise. Give and take.

Unfortunately is some cases, there is one person who takes and takes and takes and another who gives and gives and gives. With time the giver is left drained and broken. Unrecognisable even to themselves.

The following poem was submitted by Herlien – it speaks of such a circumstance…


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Love youself by Khari (Anti-bullying Song)

It is heartbreaking when a parent finds out that their child is being bullied.

This dad responded in a creative and loving way. I have no doubt his song helped his child, and so many others.

You can find out more about Khari and his music here

From the website : Khari is a world renowned poet, spoken word artist, published author, and music producer. He has performed at over 100 venues throughout the country, gracing stages from New Orleans to the Nuyorican, Atlanta to Denver.  In 2010, he released his groundbreaking, double disk, spoken word album  “VICTORY” which sold over 100,000 copies.  The success of VICTORY cemented him as one of the top selling spoken word artists in the country.

Poem by Zeba Khan – Sticks and Stones may break by bones


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Hopes and Dreams

IMG_1781A young lady, who wishes to remain anonymous, submitted a poem for us to share. We would like to thank her for her contribution.

She has experienced bullying from her high school peers over an extended period of time. Her poem reflects the emotional pain and feeling of helplessness that is so often associated with prolonged harassment.

We feel that it will resonate with people both young and old as bullying is not a new thing and the harm can be permanent.

It is about the loss of self, of worth, of hopes and dreams…


If you are being bullied, or know someone who is, please reach out to someone – an adult who will listen and who can help.

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IMG_1710I have always loved poetry.  Over the years I have drawn inspiration from, found comfort in, and identified with so many poems, but never so much as when I was a teenager. I had a scrap-book filled with my favourites.

There is one that is haunting me at the moment. It is not about bullying, but I think every bullied or lonely child will be able to identify with it.  It is a poem about friendship and the enormous difference it can make to an isolated child.

The poem is in Afrikaans, so I have translated it into English.  I hope that I have done it justice. I have included the Afrikaans version below for those who wish to read it in the original.

The poem is called Omdat and it is by Antjie Krog.


My skinny hands light a candle for you, because you became my friend when, after a term, I was still sitting sombre, alone, among the others.

Because you fetch me from the library at break time to sing along to songs in the hall.

Because you remain my friend, in spite of my tattered shirt and nylon jersey.

Because you came to love me, and even hold be to your chest, in spite of my cellulite and the crust of ripe pimples across my cheeks.

My candle burns.

Because you walk barefoot with me through town and wait when I buy something at the supermarket.

Because you give me bread at lunchtime, teach me mathematics in the afternoon and sometimes run your hand over my clean hair.

Because you are my friend, and are resigned therein, even though everyone gossips about you being a boy and me being a girl.

Because you understand when I circle away from you and hide behind the curtains when you sing operetta.

Look now, how my candle quakes.

He says thank you, and he prays for you.

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