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Who am I?

Good relationships are built on compromise. Give and take.

Unfortunately is some cases, there is one person who takes and takes and takes and another who gives and gives and gives. With time the giver is left drained and broken. Unrecognisable even to themselves.

The following poem was submitted by Herlien – it speaks of such a circumstance…


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Silent witness


The short story below speaks of a single event, but captures many aspects of being bullied. In particular, the passivity of witnesses. The victim is left feeling abandoned, exposed, unprotected – and this can be harder to bear than the physical pain inflicted by the bully.

Whenever we can, we should befriend the vulnerable, and protect them.

Do not be a silent witness to someone else’s torment – no matter who the bully is…

She stands in the doorway, feeling exposed. Her flimsy nightie too short and too sheer to offer any protection.

He towers over her. Shouting words – accusations, threats. She wonders if he feels powerful, strong, impressive, in front of his drinking buddy who watches from the shadows.

His words have long ago lost its meaning. True or made up or exaggerated. There would be no negotiation, no discussion, no explanation. Just this shouting and then, perhaps, almost certainly, the punishment.

She wishes he wasn’t there, to watch in silence. But more than that, she wishes she was wearing something else. The fine cloth, barely covering her bottom, provides little protection from those watching eyes, and even less from the blows to come.

And it does come. Frenzied, painful, humiliating.

Afterwards she crawls into her bed. She hides her face under the covers – ashamed of her tears.

Stifled sobs catch in her throat.

Her mother presses freshly cooked pikelets into her hand. Almost too hot to hold. The butter drips onto the sheet.

She holds it as the convulsions slowly ease and then bites into it. It is doughy and tasteless and, like the apathy that surrounds her, hard to swallow.

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Hopes and Dreams

IMG_1781A young lady, who wishes to remain anonymous, submitted a poem for us to share. We would like to thank her for her contribution.

She has experienced bullying from her high school peers over an extended period of time. Her poem reflects the emotional pain and feeling of helplessness that is so often associated with prolonged harassment.

We feel that it will resonate with people both young and old as bullying is not a new thing and the harm can be permanent.

It is about the loss of self, of worth, of hopes and dreams…


If you are being bullied, or know someone who is, please reach out to someone – an adult who will listen and who can help.

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Interview with Miss Kitty

Little Miss Kitty is a hero of ours.

Miss Kitty is 9-years old and in primary school. She has personally experienced harassment and has witnessed others being bullied. Her beautiful nature is demonstrated in the way she has responded.

A few weeks ago she started a colouring-in club at her school. It provides her and other children at the school a place to gather, engage in activities, meet new friends, and most importantly a safe place away from their tormentors.

Miss Kitty’s mum was kind enough to conduct an interview with her. We would like to thank them both for their contribution.

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