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Dear Dad – (Anti-Bullying Short Film)

From the site post —

“Dear Dad is an emotional anti-bullying drama centered around the story of a thirteen year old boy named Tim.
The film conveys the distress and depression of protagonist Tim who is unable to communicate with a well-meaning but ineffectual counselor who cannot understand why Tim is unable to ask for support and guidance from his father. ‘Dear Dad’ portrays the abuse Tim receives alongside extracts from counseling sessions which compound his sense of loneliness, alienation and depression.
The films open with the statistic that almost 70% of people in the UK have suffered from bullying before depicting Tim’s experiences at the hands of his antagonists and the deterioration of his mental health.”


Written/Directed/Edited by: James Hardy (Twitter – @james_hardy98 )
Co-Producer – Oscar Rhodes (Twitter – @OscarRhodes2 )

Sound Mix by Tom Viney
Production Assistant/BTS Photos – Declan Emery
Camera Assistant/1st AC – Oliver Whorwood
Set Photography by Declan Emery & Oliver Whorwood

1st Assistant Director – Oscar Rhodes
2nd Assistant Director – John Matthews (Twitter – @mooneyejohn )

Tim – John Matthews
Kyle – Oscar Rhodes
Other Bully – Oliver Whorwood
Mrs Jones – Julia Batchelor


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More information on the film can be found at

Love youself by Khari (Anti-bullying Song)

It is heartbreaking when a parent finds out that their child is being bullied.

This dad responded in a creative and loving way. I have no doubt his song helped his child, and so many others.

You can find out more about Khari and his music here

From the website : Khari is a world renowned poet, spoken word artist, published author, and music producer. He has performed at over 100 venues throughout the country, gracing stages from New Orleans to the Nuyorican, Atlanta to Denver.  In 2010, he released his groundbreaking, double disk, spoken word album  “VICTORY” which sold over 100,000 copies.  The success of VICTORY cemented him as one of the top selling spoken word artists in the country.

Strain (Anti-Bullying Silent Short Film)

I came across the film, Strain, on YouTube. It has a powerful and important message. It tells the story of a young girl who is subjected to bullying. As the violence escalates, she finds herself abandoned by her best friend and she slips deeper and deeper into depression. It is a very good production and well worth the time to watch – and share.

While I was watching it I thought how common it is for bullies to isolate their victim. Once there is no-one willing to stand up to them they are free to do almost anything without consequences.

It may take courage, but it is important not to be a passive bystander. Befriend the isolated child. Defend the victim. Speak up against the bullies.

If my sharing this here inspires just one person to act, it would have been worth it. That may well be one life changed, or one life saved.

If your are the victim of bullying, reach out to someone today. Go to our Find Help page here

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