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October 2015

The Megan Meier Story

On this day, in 2006, Megan Meier was pronounced dead. A few days before she was found hanging in her closet by her mother.

The reason for her suicide?


Megan thought that she was being wooed by a charming and attractive boy. She was happier than she had been in a long time. Then suddenly he turned nasty and within a few short hours she took her own life.

She was a few weeks away from celebrating her 14th birthday.

The truth behind this story is far more disturbing than you would ever be able to guess.

Watch here as her mother speaks about Megan and the circumstances leading up to her death and the discoveries that were made thereafter.

Tina Meier talks about Cyberbullying

Your can find out more about the Megan Meier Foundation here

For more, watch the CNN report here

Even 9 years on, her loss is undoubtedly still causing her parents, family and friends significant sadness.

Today we would like to say to them – Our hearts go out to you today and we will keep you in our thoughts. We are thankful that you so bravely share your story with the world, but wish more than anything that it never would have been necessary.

The unguarded heart

There are times when we make bold moves in the defence of someone we love. They have been hurt in some way and the culprit should be punished – shunned even.

You make statements or take actions that cannot be easily reversed.

Just to discover that the person in whose defence you acted has mended fences with the culprit and now you are on the outer.

You feel betrayed by the very person who you were defending. You have irreversibly damaged a relationship for their sake. You have publicly and absolutely placed yourself in opposition to someone. And now you are the ‘bad guy’.

The following poem is about just such an event…


The lesson learned? Always ask ‘what can I do?’ instead of going off half-cocked and making a fool of yourself.

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