I came across the film, Strain, on YouTube. It has a powerful and important message. It tells the story of a young girl who is subjected to bullying. As the violence escalates, she finds herself abandoned by her best friend and she slips deeper and deeper into depression. It is a very good production and well worth the time to watch – and share.

While I was watching it I thought how common it is for bullies to isolate their victim. Once there is no-one willing to stand up to them they are free to do almost anything without consequences.

It may take courage, but it is important not to be a passive bystander. Befriend the isolated child. Defend the victim. Speak up against the bullies.

If my sharing this here inspires just one person to act, it would have been worth it. That may well be one life changed, or one life saved.

If your are the victim of bullying, reach out to someone today. Go to our Find Help page here